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Sequoyah County Water Association Policies

  1. Water service will be provided by the Association for each membership issued, at a point on it water transportation right-of-way designated by the Association, at which point the Association will install a water meter. The Member shall install and maintain at the Member's expense, any service line from the meter to point or points of use and member shall hold the Association harmless from any and all claims and demands whatsoever occurring from installation or maintenance of said service lines. This includes any and all breaks of the member's lines outside or inside of the residence.
  2. Cost of membership and material fee is $400.00 membership and $600.00 material. This is not a deposit and is not refundable once the meter is set. Memberships are transferable upon sale of property. If old owner does not pay their final bill, all charges accrued will be passed to new owner, or the cost of a new membership and material fee, which ever is the lesser of the two.
  3. If a meter is removed by request of the owner, bills stop 30 days later as the Association bills 30 days behind.
  4. If a reset of a meter that has been pulled/locked is requested, a minimum bill for every month the meter has been out of service plus a $50.00 reset fee and any outstanding unpaid bill amount will be due before the meter can be reset. If the meter has been out for a number of years, the cost to reset it will be cost of new membership and material fee.
  5. In case your water meter becomes stuck, you will be billed an average bill the following month. If a member has been paying his average bill during the time his meter is stuck, no credit adjustment will be given.
  6. Members are entitled to a one time only leak adjustment. The member pays his regular, average bill plus one half (1/2) of the lost water. The Association will absorb the loss on the other one half (1/2) of the water used.
  7. If a water loss is due to a broken meter, loop or other parts that are the responsibility of the Association, a member will be billed his average bill and the association will absorb the loss.
  8. If a member breaks his meter, tampers with his meter, or tries to steal water, he will be charged with the cost of replacing the broken parts, any water lost due to tampering, and an average bill for every month he stole water will be issued. Meter tampering is a misdemeanor and subject to a $1000.00 fine and up to six (6) months is the county jail.
  9. Dual connections are against the law and rules of the Association and Oklahoma State Health Department. All dual connections are subject to the member's meter being removed without notice.
  10. Cross connections from two or more sources of water is unlawful. You may have a well or pump from a pond, but there must be a definite break from the water lines that supply water from the Association.
  11. Any other water losses incurred by the member will be his responsibility. The Association's responsibility ends outside of the meter can. All lines, connections, and pressure reducing valves, if any, past that point are the responsibility of the owner.
  12. Some members are located in high pressure areas and may need pressure reducing valves. The Association does not replace these free of charge and they are not included in the material fees. They will wear out over time and will have to be replaced by the owner. When a meter is set and the pressure is 40 pounds or higher, a pressure reducing valve will be installed. It will be placed approximately 18 inches outside of the meter can on the member's side of the meter and the member will be charged for the pressure reducing valve.
  13. In case of a defective meter or a malfunctioning meter, the member will be billed an average bill and the meter replaced at no cost to the member.
  14. If a meter bottom breaks, the Association will repair the meter at no cost to the member. If the meter registers any water loss due the broken meter bottom, the member will be billed their average bill.
  15. The Association maintains an after hours or night deposit for the members convenience at the office of the Association.
  16. In cases of an emergency after hours, the member may call 918-775-9672. The Association has an answering machine to leave any messages and it will call the person on call with your message.
  17. The Association only accepts collect calls in case of main water line breaks. The Association does maintain a toll free number for your convenience. The toll free number is 866-775-9595.
  18. If a member has a water break, it is his responsibility to try and turn off the meter and repair the leak. If a member cannot get his meter turned off, they need to contact the Association office so that we can send a field maintenance technician out to turn the water off. It will still be the member's responsibility to repair the water leak on his lines or fixtures.
  19. The Association contracts someone to read your meter each month. It is the member's responsibility to keep the area around the meter free and clear so the meter reader can read the meter. It is also the member's responsibility to keep their animals penned or tied so that the meter reader can read the meter without fear of getting bitten. If your gate is locked you will need to provide us with a key to the gate so we can get in when needed.
  20. The Association maintains one office in Sequoyah County. It is located at 3520 W Cherokee in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The office hours are 9:00 to 4:30 Monday thru Friday. The office is closed for all state holidays.
  21. If a member wants to rent his property, it is his responsibility to take any deposits. The Association does not take deposits. The Association will send the bill directly to the renter, upon the owner's request. However, if the renter leaves a bill or does not pay his bill, it will fall back to the owner to pay. The owner will be sent a delinquent notice along with the renter.
  22. Effective July of 2014 we will take a $200.00 deposit or a letter of credit for all new meters.  If the meter has been pulled for delinquency a $200.00 deposit will be required.

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